Naming Pluto  


Naming Pluto documents the extraordinary story of English schoolgirl, Venetia Burney Phair who named the planet Pluto in 1930, aged 11years. The film also witnesses Mrs. Phair seeing the newly demoted planet for the very first time through a telescope in 2007, 77 years after she gave Pluto its name. This award winning documentary has won the hearts of 43 International Film & Science festivals in 18 countries and is endorsed by the IAU & UNESCO as a Special Global Project.

Written, directed and produced by Ginita Jimenez.
Duration: 13'

Trailer of the Naming Pluto

Screen shots from Naming Pluto

A copy of the letter sent from Venetia's grandfather, Falconer Madan, to his colleague Herbert Hall Turner making reference to Venetia's suggestion. Date: 1930

The Science Observatory at Hertsmonceux, England, where Venetia viewed Pluto for the first time through a telescope, on the eve of her 89th birthday. Date: 2007

20years since their first meeting Sir Patrick Moore invites Venetia to view Pluto through his telescope. Unfortunately the attempt is not successful due to bad weather. Date: 2006

Venetia gives a talk to year4 pupils at St. Anne's Primary School, Banstead about how Pluto was discovered. Date: 2007


Images, Video and content provided with kind permission of Father Films.